We offer:
We are a PVP/PVE Mining/Indy Corp that is currently based mostly in Null sec, that operates in most time zones. We try to offer a structured but low key enviornment for our members so that everyone from veteran to noob feels welcome. Here at Coalition of Brutality it is our goal to become the owners of multiple trade hubs through out all securities of New Eden. All the while creating good diplomatic relations with other corps to improve our customer base. We do not tolorate piracy or griefing of any type. Should any of our member be found doing such activities then please inform our Diplomat or Ceo Directly!

Buy back program
New Pilot Friendly
Experienced Mission runners
Discord and Mumble

Library of BPOs

Rorqual boosts
Ore / Ice Belts and Moon Mining

Recruiting Status: Always Open
For recruitment please join: C.O.B recuitment or Convo ValraxVal / corvinuis / cuncannon / Jim Pearsoni

For Standing's See Jim Pearsoni

CEO:- ValraxVal

Directors:- Corvinuis, Cuncannon